How to Use a Birth Ball

One of the best things about giving birth at a birth center is that you have the freedom to use any comfort measures in labor that you want. Along with having the freedom to eat and drink what you like, birth centers also provide you with the freedom to move around however you want to ensure your comfort.

We’re happy to provide our clients with various tools, such as birthing balls, to support different positions during the labor process.

What is a birth ball?

You’re probably already familiar with large rubber yoga balls. Birthing balls are pretty much the same thing, except they’re slightly bigger for enhanced support, and some come in shapes specifically for use in labor and birth.

They’re made of super durable material that makes them resistant to puncture. They also have an anti-slip finish to prevent rolling. Some balls also come with handles to provide additional assistance.

How do you use a birth ball?

Birth balls can be used for sitting, leaning, rocking, and swaying to help ease your body during labor. They’re softer and more comfortable to sit or lean on than a hard surface since they curve along your spine, which helps alleviate some of the back pain mothers suffer during labor.

Specific ways to use a birthing ball include:

  • Sit on the birthing ball with your feet wide apart. Then rock your pelvis in a side-to-side or to-and-fro motion.
  • Try leaning on your birth ball while kneeling.
  • Hug the ball and raise your back while on your knees. Then gently sway your pelvis from side to side.
  • Lean over your birth ball from a standing position with the ball placed on a raised surface like the bed or a table.

Why do people use birth balls?

Movement is crucial to initiating and progressing labor effectively. Birth balls help facilitate movement in a comfortable way for the mother.

Some notable benefits of the birthing ball include:

  • Increasing hip and pelvic flexibility
  • It can help the baby get into a better position
  • It helps open up the pelvis during labor for easy descent
  • Alleviates contraction pain


Overall, it’s a great tool to use during labor. Should you require any assistance using the birth ball, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.