Frequently Asked Questions

Birth Your Way, Period.

Answers to commonly asked questions from prospective clients.

Q: Is it safe to deliver out of the hospital?

A: With an impeccable record, our Midwives provide the same safe professional Midwifery Care, medical equipment, and supplies to families choosing birth center or home birth so you and your baby’s safety are comparable at both locations. Your health and safety are always our number one priority!

Q: What do I do when I am in labor?

A: When labor begins, call your Midwife! It doesn’t matter if it’s late at night or if you’re not sure if you’re really in labor. You and your Midwife will decide together when you’ll come into the Birth Center or when she will join you at your home. Once you’re in active labor the Midwife will remain with you, providing support and assessing you and your baby throughout labor until a few hours after the birth.

Q: What happens if I need to transfer?


Q: Do I qualify for care?


Q: How often will I be seen prenatally?


Q: How long do I stay after the birth?


Q: Can I become a birth assistant?


Q: What newborn procedures do you offer


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We are in-network with many insurance companies. We offer payment plans and financing is available for those who qualify. If you’re transferring from another provider, out of state or country, we are happy to help make your transition into our care a smooth one. Caring for you during this exceptional time in your life isn’t just our job it’s our passion! Give us a call today!

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