Birthways Events, Classes, & Workshops

Birthways understands that having a baby is a time of transition, new ideas, and new experiences, It’s the perfect time to build your knowledge and your support network.

Please register in advance for all Classes by calling  941-366-2229

Our classes are currently being offered via Zoom

Childbirth Education Classes

We offer an integrative approach to support you in creating the birth you desire. Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern science to prepare mind, body, and spirit for the significant transitions of pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood. Our classes are uniquely designed to include effective techniques from various childbirth philosophies, medical research, and our own experience to provide you information and support for this powerful journey. Our classes are scheduled workshop style in the evening or Saturday morning and are included without additional cost as part of our Midwifery Care.

Foundations of Pregnancy

**This class is free & open to everyone in our community.
Get the tips you need to promote a healthy pregnancy and help prepare you for birth.
Perfect for families in the 1st or 2nd trimester!
You’ll learn: what to eat & what to avoid, healthy movements & exercises, alternatives healing modalities safe for pregnancy, how to protect your pelvic floor, your options in healthcare and how to create the best team to support you during pregnancy, birth, and during the early weeks after baby arrives.

Foundations of Birth

**This workshop is offered as one Saturday session OR 2 evening sessions.
This workshop discusses what to expect during labor, birth, & immediate postpartum. Topics include: how a baby is born, the anatomy of the pelvis, types of labor, signs & stages of labor, birth plans, complications, variations of labor & interventions, your options for birth, and labor support.

Breastfeeding: A Great Start

Lactation expert Jennifer Chivas, BSN, IBCLC, will prepare you for a great start in breastfeeding. You’ll learn what to expect, the benefits of nursing, positioning & latch techniques, how to establish & maintain milk supply, milk collection & storage, ensuring your baby is getting enough, how to conquer common challenges, returning to work, infant sleep patterns, & pro tips for success.
**$50 per couple /$25 for Birthways Families. Pre-payment of $25 holds your spot.