August 28, 2012 Birth Center Birth
A year has gone by with my sweet princess, a year full of joy and new experiences. It is so nurturing to relive the moment of her birth and now I share it with you…
On Sunday, August 26, at midnight, I was awoken by a wave of pain in my lower belly. It only lasted a few minutes so I went back to sleep. I was two weeks away from my estimated due date and was skeptical of labor starting soon. I was a little nervous not knowing what was going on. However, I did not worry much because I had an appointment with my midwife the next day.
At the appointment, I was told that I was progressing and Eva was seating low. My belly was measuring small, so I was sent for an ultrasound, which I did not get to do.  That night I could not stop thinking of my baby. I was anxious to have her in my arms and I had a feeling that I was not going to wait too long.
On Tuesday I went to the office as normal. Around 10 a.m. contractions started, strong enough to not be able to hold a conversation on the phone. I called my midwife and asked if I should go home. How silly! My midwife said “of course!” Around noon John, my husband, and I headed home.
Once we got home, we had a nice meal and I took a shower. Contractions were getting stronger and stronger, so we decided to go to the birth center where Christina, my midwife, met us. I was only 1.5cm dilated; I had a long way to go.  We went back home, which was fortunately only 10 minutes away. The car ride was awful; it was so hard to manage the pain without being able to move. Back home I labored on a birthing ball and on the floor, in fours, position which offered the best comfort. Biggie, our dog, sat confused by my side. By 4:30 p.m. contractions were so intense that I asked John to take me back to the birth center and call my midwife.
Back at the birth center I was only 3.5cm dilated. I went from the shower to the birthing ball, back and forth. John by my side at all times, giving me support. All the massages we had learned in class were not welcomed at the moment, I did not want to be touched! I just wanted the water from the shower to relax me and the movements on the birthing ball to relieve my pain. Around 7 p.m., while I was in the shower, I felt that my water broke and I had the urge to push. John helped me to the room where Christina checked me and I was 9.5cm dilated, it was getting close! John and I were so excited that things were moving along.
I got in the tub and started to push when I felt the urge. I did not want to push too hard to avoid tears, so I took my time. Pushing was the hardest. I remember saying “I can’t do it” a few times and screaming my lungs out. Fortunately, it was just John, my midwife and I, nothing and no one to worry about. I had freedom and privacy to do and say whatever felt good. Poor John, I am sure I scared him enough with my screams. I kept telling myself to let my body do what it is meant to do, to trust the natural process of birth, to be optimistic and strong…
At 8:24 p.m., on August 28, Eva was born at 6 lbs 4 oz., 19.5 in. What a wonderful and unforgettable moment!  Eva was so beautiful and perfect, I fell in love. John and I were overwhelmed with joy. I was so excited that I attempted to give the baby to John before cutting the cord! John cut the umbilical cord once it stopped pulsating and then held his princess in his arms.
It was time to deliver the placenta and I was so afraid to push. I moved to the bed and sat with Eva in my arms. John and Christina were so reassuring that I let go and in few minutes it was all done. All the pain and discomfort was gone. There was nothing sweeter and more fulfilling than holding my baby and seeing her latch right on.
Four hours later we were headed home. Our family was blessed by a precious angel, our Eva Nicole. Thank you princess for all the joy you bring to my life; thank you John for your support and unconditional love; thank you Christina and all the midwives I met during pregnancy for the knowledge and good care. Eva’s birth was an amazing experience, natural and peaceful as I hoped for.