Wellness Care for Life

At Birthways Family Birth Services, we believe in a holistic approach to your health and wellness, providing Midwifery Care throughout your whole life. Most think of midwives and birth centers as only caring for pregnant women, but our midwives are able to offer women the same attention and care to their overall health throughout their life.

Our wellness care is perfect for any woman looking for individual, personal care.

Wellness visits are also known as gynecological exams, pelvic, exams, or annual exams. Your wellness visit is all about you, your body, and your reproductive health. If you have a vulva, breasts, or uterus, these visits are an important part of taking care of your health (no matter what your gender identity is.)

In these appointments, you stay up to date on screenings, education, and your overall reproductive health. Our Certified Nurse-Midwife, Cheryl Ross-Hollifield, APRN, CNM, offers gentle, high-quality wellness exams that focus on your individual needs. Something that may differentiate our wellness care from other providers is that all of our appointments are an hour long to allow for a thorough review of your health history and time to address your questions and concerns. 

Many of our clients describe well-woman care with us as a simpler, calmer, and more relaxing experience. We focus on all things going on in your life emotionally and physically and try to help you cultivate healthy habits in your daily life. 

As a part of our well-woman care we offer:

  • Annual Exams & Pap Smears
  • Family Planning & Birth Control Options
  • Menopausal Support
  • Treatment for Minor Gynecological Issues
  • Very First Gynecological Exam for Young Women
  • Referrals to Other Providers When Medically Necessary

Midwives are with women for a lifetime in all aspects of care. If it’s time for you to schedule a yearly check-up, send us a message!