Tips on Writing a Birth Plan 

Chances are that even if you are normally a more ‘go with the flow’ type of person, pregnancy has changed you into a natural planner. With a baby on the way, planning and preparing make all of the lifestyle changes much easier. 

You have probably been planning outfits, planning the nursery, and planning names, but something more important than all of that is planning your birth! A birth plan is an excellent way to communicate your wishes to your birth team. Creating a birth plan helps you look into and decide on all of your options for your birth, so you can have the birth of your dreams. While you cannot control every detail of pregnancy, labor, or birth, you are able to make choices that can support you in having the best experience possible. 

If you are ready to make your birth plan to help guide your labor, here are some things to consider!

  • Who do you want present in the room?

Some people prefer to have friends and family, while others like having just one support person. Your birth plan can help you think about your birth team and who will be important and helpful to you in that moment. 

  • Do you want pain management medication?

If you are having a birth at a hospital, you have the option of choosing pain medication. In your plan, you can list when and if you would like to have an epidural. You can also mention if you would like to be able to freely move around and if there are certain positions you want to do while giving birth.

  • Do you want a natural birth with alternative measures for comfort?

If you have decided to have birth at a birth center or home then you can discuss what sort of alternative comfort measures you would like to use such as counterpressure, massage, and essential oils

  • Do you want to use hydrotherapy?

Water has a way of comforting you through stress, tension, and pain. The relaxation effect of warm water during labor often helps progress to happen more quickly. That is why hydrotherapy and water birth has become a popular choice.

  • What do you want the atmosphere to be like?

Have you thought about what you want your birth room to look like? Do you like dim lighting? Perhaps you want to light some candles or play some music? Keep in mind that in the moment, you may change your mind completely, so it’s good to make flexible choices!

  • What newborn procedures do you want?

There are many different procedures you may want to research and decide what is best for your family. These can include things like delayed cord clamping and the Vitamin K shot.

We hope you found these tips helpful and now feel more confident in creating your own birth plan! It is always best to have a plan written out for all scenarios of your birth so that no matter what happens, your care providers and birth team can be there for you in the best way possible.