5 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

When you’re pregnant, your body’s requirements for nutrition and hydration can significantly increase to keep up with your and your baby’s health requirements. This is why you need to make sure you’re getting enough water. 

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking

The ACOG recommends pregnant people drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep up with the body’s needs.

Benefits Of Adequate Hydration

Here are some reasons you might want to drink more water when pregnant:

1. It Prevents Dehydration

Since water requirements tend to increase during pregnancy, a lot of pregnant people don’t realize it and fail to drink enough water. This can increase your chances of dehydration, which can lead to certain complications such as premature contractions and oligohydramnios.

2. Water Keeps You Energized

Energy levels can fluctuate throughout the day, especially when your body is going through so much at once. In such instances, drinking water in combination with proper nutrition helps keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day. 

3. It Prevents Constipation

Since water requirements increase, lack of fluids in your digestive system can lead to constipation. This can be a nuisance for pregnant people, leading to lethargy, bloating, and loss of appetite. Drinking more water can help you to both prevent and overcome constipation.

4. It Decreases The Chances of Antenatal Complications

Dehydration in the last trimester can lead to premature contractions leading to possible preterm labor. This is bad for both the birthing person and the baby and is associated with poor outcomes. Hence, adequate hydration can prevent preterm labor.

5. It Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections happen to be more common in people with a vagina. One major cause of infections is the lack of adequate water intake. Drinking more water helps prevent these infections by flushing out bacteria from the kidney and the lower urinary tract.

Kidney infections can be dangerous during pregnancy and must be avoided to prevent any complications.

How To Increase Your Water Intake

If you’re generally forgetful about drinking up water until the very end of the day, these tips might help you:

  • Get a fancy cup or personalized water bottle that makes you want to drink water just for the sake of it
  • There is no need to drink a lot of water all at once, instead take small amounts throughout the day
  • Drink water at the temperature you like, unless it’s too hot or too cold- you’re fine
  • Set a timer to remind you to drink water regularly
  • Carry a water bottle everywhere you go so you don’t have to worry about finding water

Remember, your health should be your number one priority during your pregnancy. There is no reason why you should skimp on hydration. So get up and get yourself a glass of water! Happy birthing!