Holiday Gifts For Baby

‘Tis the season of presents! When it comes to getting presents for babies around the holidays, it can be confusing to figure out what to get. Whether it’s for your baby or a new baby in your family, it’s all about gifting something they’ll love and enjoy.

Here are some of the best gifts you can get for the new babies:

Sensory Toys

Your baby’s senses develop as early as in-utero. So it’s no wonder a lot of pediatricians and care-takers emphasize the need for toys that encourage babies to use their senses optimally. It is meant to help babies explore and discover newer things using all five of their important senses.

1. Bristle Blocks

Bristle blocks have soft rubber spikes on the blocks to provide additional texture and grip for the baby. It helps develop the problem-solving part of the brain as the baby tries to connect the blocks with each other and use their gross motor skills as well as grip. The different colors on the blocks are also ideal for learning basic colors.

2. The Learning Lovey

The sense of touch is an important one and also one of the first senses to develop inside the womb. The Learning Lovey is great for babies and toddlers to touch and feel the different textures on the mat. 

3. DJECO Animamabo Musical Carnival

The sense of hearing is also one of the most important senses to develop. Using music and musical toys like these improves cognition and help develop gross motor movements with precision. 


Activity Toys

Babies are often so full of energy, they need activities as a healthy outlet. Activity toys help to keep your babies entertained for a long time while also incorporating some healthy learning in the process.

1. Janod Sweet Cocoon Cart with ABC Blocks

This cart is super versatile with its all-in-one design. It’s a cart that helps the baby move with support, helping them fine-tune their movements. 

It also contains colorful letter blocks plus an abacus for alphabetical letters and counting.

2. Garden Activity Cube

This activity center boasts countless shapes, colors, sizes, and puzzles for your little one to explore! It is great to help them learn basic organization and help them stay entertained while you work on something around the house. 

3. Baby’s First Blocks

Blocks like these are ideal to learn and fine-tune gross motor movements. It also helps improve cognition and brain function.


Children’s Books

Books might not always be a popular choice for babies, but they make a great gift. They are the first exposure a child gets to the outside world and help shape their thought process.

1. Babylist Baby Starter Library

If you can’t decide on one perfect book, you can get them an entire set. This set has 3 storybooks, 1 sensory book, and one surprise pick.

This way the baby has the chance to discover different books and parents get a little variety.

2. On The Night You Were Born

A book that celebrates the idea of unconditional love, is an ideal gift for telling a baby how you feel without saying much. It’s full of colorful illustrations made around the idea of love and friendship, a sure-to-be favorite for every child.

3. Everywhere Babies

An adorable book that celebrates diversity amongst babies. Early exposure to such concepts helps integrate them so the child can grow up to be a responsible and aware person.

We hope this list helps you out this holiday season!