Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

We’ve all heard of common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, backache, and food cravings, but have you heard of some of the equally common but somewhat weird pregnancy symptoms that some women may experience? Here are some of them:


1. Metallic Taste In Mouth 

Dysgeusia or a change in perception of taste is super common during pregnancy. This is likely due to a change in your hormone levels.

A lot of women may notice a metallic or sour kind of taste in their mouth even when they’re not eating anything. This may settle down at the end of your first trimester as your body gets used to the change in hormone levels. However, some women may continue to experience it throughout their pregnancy.

To counter this taste, it’s a good idea to have citrus-flavored candies or drinks.

2. Snoring

During pregnancy, there is an elevation of the hormones estrogen and progesterone to support the progress of your pregnancy. 

However, these hormonal changes may also be associated with an increased airway pressure that sometimes manifests as increased snoring in pregnant women. This usually settles in the post-partum period.

3. Strange Dreams

Pregnant women may experience vivid, strange dreams at night; ones that they probably never experienced during their pre-pregnancy state. 

This too can be attributed to the change in hormone levels plus heightened emotions and anxiety during pregnancy. These changes alter the way our brain perceives emotions which might result in dreams more bizarre than you have ever felt before.

4. Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are usually common in pregnancy and are not a cause to worry unless you feel like this is becoming too frequent. You can always reach out to your healthcare provider if you are worried.

These nosebleeds are due to an increase in blood volume in your body and elevated hormone levels.

5. Loose teeth

Progesterone and estrogen are two important hormones required for the progress of your pregnancy. The elevation in these levels causes the loosening of tissues that hold your teeth in place.

This often results in loose teeth despite having no dental problems before the pregnancy.

6. Lots of itching

Itching during pregnancy may be due to an increased level of hormones in your blood. It may also be due to the effect of your skin stretching as your baby continues to grow.

7. “Lightning Crotch”

You may feel a sharp sudden pain in your vagina or pelvis during your pregnancy sometimes. These pains come out of nowhere and are usually not exacerbated by anything. 

This is usually due to your baby’s movement in the pelvis which may be irritating a nerve, causing the sudden pain, but be sure to discuss this and any other strange symptoms with your healthcare provider!