Does My Period Affect My Milk Supply?

If you’ve just had your first baby, you’re probably wondering when you’ll have your first period and whether or not it will affect your milk supply.

The hormone responsible for milk production, prolactin, has an inhibitory effect on ovulation. It means you may not get your period for a while since this hormone is high during lactation.  

First postpartum period run down

Getting your first period varies from woman to woman. If you’re not breastfeeding and are instead using formula milk, your period may start as soon as the 5th week after delivery.

However, if you’re breastfeeding, you may not get your period up to 6th months after pregnancy. 

After having a baby, your period may change in some ways, but that isn’t always the case. Some changes you may experience include shortening or prolongation in your cycle, increasing or decreasing flow, etc. 

Does milk supply drop when on period?

Yes, it’s common to experience a drop in the level of breastmilk production at certain times during your period. This is due to the fluctuation in hormone levels in your body. 

Since the hormone responsible for ovulation and the hormone responsible for milk production have the opposite effects, it may cause a dip in breast milk supply. However, these changes are only temporary and should settle as your cycle progresses.

Is nursing uncomfortable during my period?

Nursing during your period can be a little uncomfortable for some. Your breasts tend to get sore during your period even before pregnancy due to the hormonal effects. This can cause breastfeeding to be a little painful.

However, if you’re experiencing an unusual amount of discomfort while nursing, it might be due to poor latch or lack of nipple care. If this discomfort persists even after your period, it’s best to have it evaluated by your healthcare provider or a lactation expert!


At Birthways we work with Jennifer Chivas, RN, BSN, IBCLC, from Lakewood Ranch Lactation. She assists in our postpartum evaluations after birth and is a great resource for all of our clients!