Do I qualify for care?

Midwifery care offers so many great benefits, and that is why more and more women are opting for a natural birth in the setting of a birth center or at home. There are some qualifications that a person must have to be able to be properly cared for at a birth center. If you are wondering if you qualify for care at Birthways Family Birth Center, here are some aspects to consider!

Your Overall Health 

Your overall health status determines your risk assessment for a natural birth. 

Do you have any prior health conditions that you are receiving treatment for? Have you ever had a health condition that you received long-term treatment for? And if so, how serious of an impact does said condition have on your current health status?

Even with pre-existing conditions like asthma, hypothyroidism, or diabetes, you can still safely opt for a natural birth if they are well-managed.

Most women can safely opt for midwifery care and even give birth outside the hospital if they want to.

Prior and Current Obstetric History

Another factor that determines your qualification for midwifery care is how healthy your pregnancy has been so far.

If you conceived naturally and have had an uneventful healthy pregnancy without any major health concerns; it’s probably safe to assume that you can have a natural birth without the need for any medical interventions.

Another green flag is if you have had a vaginal birth safely before this one because your chances of having another healthy natural birth increase exponentially. 

But if you have a history of complications or have any risk factors, we may reconsider your choice of a birth center. These factors include twin or triplet pregnancy, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, or placenta previa. 


That said, every case is different. To learn more about what we do to ensure you are a good candidate for our birth center, send us a message