At Birthways Family Birth Center, we put effort into ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and comfort at each client appointment. When you come in for a prenatal visit, we do everything we can to ensure that you’re making the most out of these appointments and that we’re providing you with everything you need for an empowered experience. While these appointments are essential for mothers, midwives at Birthways Family Birth Center cherish them just as much! Here are some of their favorite parts of the prenatal visit!

  • Being able to share knowledge

We understand that although pregnancy is a cherished time, it can be overwhelming in certain ways, and you’re always on the edge wondering if a symptom is normal or if your routine tasks results are clear.

We love being able to address your concerns and impart our knowledge regarding what you’re experiencing and whether you should be concerned or not. We love busting myths and comforting you with the knowledge that we have from experience and expertise.

Misinformation is really common on the internet, so we like being able to share credible information with clients so they don’t get caught up in whatever they read.

  • Belly checks

Doing a belly check and listening to the baby’s heartbeat during appointments is probably one of the most beautiful moments during these visits. 

It’s always so gratifying to be able to listen to a healthy beating heart together with you at each client appointment. 

Doing an abdominal examination and explaining everything as we go is also amazing! We get to tell you about your baby’s position, where the head is, where the toes are, and how they are growing!

  • Getting to know you

One of the most underrated parts of an appointment is when we just get to know our clients as people! We love listening to how you’re doing with the pregnancy at home, your routine, and any specific reason for your visit.

It helps build trust between both parties and makes everyone comfortable to form a sustainable relationship at each client appointment. 

  • Understanding your needs

We realize that not every client is the same, and your needs vary. One of the most critical parts of your initial prenatal appointments for us is when you tell us what you’re expecting from us and the birth center experience.

We love getting to know how we can facilitate you better and make the whole experience worthwhile for you. Being able to provide expectant mothers with what they need is a very fulfilling experience, and we work hard to do that for you! Send us a message if you are ready to start care with us!