How do I know Which Midwife Will Attend my Birth?


Labor is spontaneous, and the best way we as midwives have found to provide the highest level of care is to operate on a rotating call schedule. This means that the midwife present at your birth depends on the day of your labor and birth. We like to say that your baby is the one who chooses their midwife!

At the birth center, our midwives function as a team, and are always ready to care for you!

What are the benefits of my midwife working on a call schedule?

Throughout your pregnancy and prenatal care, you will meet with all of the midwives at some point. This allows you to get to know the whole team and for the whole team to learn about you, your desires, and your wishes should they be the one helping you deliver your baby. 

Having a call schedule helps us ensure that there is always a midwife available for you around the clock. By operating on a call schedule, we can help ensure that a midwife isn’t already in a birth while another client goes into labor.  

Sometimes labor can be a long event and is tiring for all involved. Call schedules are helpful because it allows our midwives to get the rest they need to be able to provide the care you deserve. 

What are the benefits of getting to know more than one midwife for my care?

We encourage you to acquaint yourself with our whole team during your prenatal appointments. It will help you get to know them, interact with them, and familiarize with them. The familiarity will help you feel more comfortable, so no matter who is on call when you come for your delivery, you know your birth wishes and voice are being heard. 

Will I feel comfortable with the midwife attending my birth?

Because of the time and care we take in the prenatal care appointments and time leading up to the birth, we work to make sure you are comfortable with all of the midwives so you never feel like a stranger is at your birth. From the minute you come in to the minute you have your baby, each member of the team will do their part to make you feel comfortable and cared for.


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