What Should I Do When I Go Into Labor?

Having a baby, especially for the first time, is undoubtedly an exciting experience. But for new parents, it can also be overwhelming since they don’t always know what to do! Don’t worry, most parents don’t, but they always figure it out, and so will you.

However, if you’re the planning-ahead type, here’s a little guide on what to do when you go into labor.

First, don’t panic! There’s plenty of time between the onset of labor and your delivery. 

We encourage families to communicate with us as soon as possible when they think they have started the beginning stages of labor. Families can call and talk to the midwife directly. This will help us make arrangements and prepare your birthing suit by the time you arrive.

We’ll also talk you through everything so you feel more relaxed. Just prepare and head to the birth center when you have to. 

When to head to the birth center

During the last of your prenatal visits, we’ll create a birth plan to decide when it’s time to come to the birth center or for the midwife to go to your home. 

You can decide if you want to come in sooner or spend the initial stages of labor at home.

Some things you can do to be prepared for when labor starts:

Here are some things you and your partner can do ahead of time to prepare for when labor starts:

  • Have your bag ready: you’ll need some toiletries, snacks, a set of clothes for you and your baby, and diapers. It helps to make a list before packing your bag so you don’t miss anything.
  • Know the first signs of labor: sometimes you might see the “show” which is a plug of mucus coming away from the cervix, your water breaking, the onset of contractions, etc. It is different for everyone, and you may not experience some of these. 
  • Know when it’s time to go to the birth center: if you plan to give birth at the birth center, you should go there when the active stage of your labor begins. This is when your contractions are less spaced apart and are more intense.


That said, you can’t predict how everything goes when you finally go into labor! So try to not worry too much and enjoy the process as it happens. We’ll take care of you through it all!